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Coming Soon Millennium Edition. This site is upgrading. Stop by again

December 16, 1999

          Hi dudes and dudettes. Congratulation!!! You've just landed to the right place in the Jashim's little planet in the cyberspace. This Page optimised by MS Internet Explorer 4 & 5 for minimal operation: 800 by 600 pixrels. To view my site properly, please set your screen area 800 by 600 pixels. In Netscape You won't see some styles & effects.


        I am working on it.  Here's the entire bangla  newspapers links, most essential canadian & bangladeshi links, chat, joke, friends pages and bangla TV in your disposal with a single click.  It will be edited every nights and you will see a lot of new features about Bangladesh, my culture and heritage. Some Links are under perpetual constructions and will be edited very soon. I have gathered a lot of information and more   will be added as soon as possible. Please stop by again and see what has been added.  


        Please let me know your imaginative advice to build my project for our home BANGLADESH and sign the guestbook before you leave to let me know you've visited.  Enjoy.


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