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Hello folks. Thank you for taking the time to visit my homepage. First, let me give you a bit information about myself. My name is JASHIM UDDIN and I live in Toronto, but I am originally from Bangladesh. I love Bangladesh very much especially my Dhaka College campus. I have graduated (OSSD) at Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute at Scarborough in Canada and recently I am  studying on Computer System Technology. When I was in Bangladesh I used to study in Dhaka College. I have been living in Toronto for over three years. In my leisure time, I like to read various kind of books, watching TV and spend time with my friends.  Oh yeah, I love to surf net most of the time.

Here's something listed below about me

I love Life, Honesty & Nature
I hate Liar & Bitchy People(Recently I discovered that I don't hate anybody)
I am superstious about Nothing
I get turned up on Razor sharp intelligence, witty repartees
I get turned on by Crazy
My biggest fear Losing People I Love
My strenght My Ethices & My self-assurance.
My weekness Shyness
My wildest fantasy Visit Mars Planet & Landing a Boeing 747
My Spice Pizza Pizza
My biggest assets Honesty, Thoughtfulness & Open mind
My Passion My Tender Heart
My biggest necessity Good behave from People
My favourite Possession My writing stuff and some creation
I am possisive about The People I care
What tires me most Any Gossip
What touches me most Simplicity
I am sentimental about Anything cheating with me
My admiration Strength of Character
I am believe in In God first and then myself
My favourite Friends All my friends are favourite to me
Favourite personality Bangabhundu Sheik Mujib (National Leader of Bangladesh)
Interest reading books
My favourite pastime Sleeping
My motto Be kind, generous & simple

A guy i am, in disguise as u can see,
Waiting for someone to forget about stalking me.
This world is full of dangerous sublime minds,
Then again, if u came across AA, there's no other kinds.
From the beginning till the end we solemnly speak,
Oh My God!...what am i? -a psychopathic freek?
No sense do I make, no point of asking you,
I'm just a guy fulla energy, waiting to get HIGH.
Fly Sly Shy Batz is one'a my names...
Playing disguise is my game :) ho ha ha
So if u can guess who this mischief guy is,
Dont hesitate to gimmy a buzzy bizzz.
Because i assure u that u wont regret,
The fact that u messeged and we exotically met.

so send a brief note for me..i will bug u for sure......u can

leave a messege anytime...I am in ur hand with ur's ICQ.....

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