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Who I Am
(A Not-so-Brief Autobiography)   

I was born twenty years ago in Bangladesh, but currently reside in Toronto, Canada. I have loved reading all my life. My uncle started reading Shayeed Mostuba's "Rosogolla"to me when I was five years old. I must have had an abnormal attention span, because I really liked them. I think I was in grade five when my dad read Rabindra nath's "Hoiyemonti" to me. I loved it, and have read it at least four times since then. I remember crying and crying after Hoiyemont's husband's mom abused her badly, but my dad wouldn't tell me that she was with her husband  or not. I broke my sacred rule never to make any attempt to find out what was going to happen in a book, then, and asked a friend at school what happened.  I soon started on Masud rana's series stories, which I also adored, and still do. I read my first novel in grade 8. I really liked it, but liked other books about equally. Then someone told me to read Sheva's series and I was hooked. That series continues to be my favourite, and I really enjoy all of Sheva's other books, especially all mysterious books.

I still spend tonnes of time reading, and some of my favourite authors are Rabindra Nath Tagor, Kazi Nuzrul Islam, Jibanando Das, Homayan Azad, Shakut Osman, Homayan Ahmed, Ars Ali matabbar and shirsondo Mukhupathdai.  My favourite poet are Kobi Shamsur Rahman, Sufia Kamal, Mohadev Shah and Ruthdro and my Englsih favourite writer is Steinbeck, John Ball.

At the age of thirteen, I realised that I enjoyed writing. All through Primary school I had hated the 'enforced creativity' where teachers expected you to sit down and write. But at the end of grade seven, I wrote a story. I had enjoyed writing it, I showed my private tutor and my teacher showed it to my another relatives, who thought it must have been written by someone else. From then on, I've considered myself a writer. In 1993,I submited my writing in Bishsho Shahitto Kandro (International Literature Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh) and I got a position in top ten in a writing contest. A year later, I won two honourable mentions in the Short Story contest.  I also attended book reading competitiions at Bishsho Shahitto Kanro (Dhaka, Bangladesh)


My high school life was so beautiful. I had got some intellectual friends and there were so aware with literately, politically, socially and intellectually. I missed them very much.  After finising my SSC Exam, I decided to go Dhaka to study. When i heard that i secured  first division with *marks. I decided to go Dhaka college or Notre Dame college. And i got chance both college to study. My family decided to send me Dhaka College and i also secured first division in HSC but with lower marks than SSC.  My family thought that i didn't get good marks because I spent a lot of time in the New Market with my friends ( New market located beside Dhaka College) After finising my secondary school certificate course I moved to Canada. And I lost some years here becouse I went to High School again and it took me two years to finish and dropped  one years. Now I planing to go University or College. I have admitted at Centennial College in Computer System Technology. Before I was interested in fiction but now i am interested in non-fiction and technical and computer relatied books.

Computer programming is something else that I'm interested in. A few years ago, I started learning PASCAL, then decided to learn HTML. Right now I'm working on VISUAL BASIC  at home.

I just 'rose out' of High school on January 99  to pursue independent study because I found I was bored with my classes, and had a lot more things that I want to do that have nothing to do with high school. although i am going back to school again because of my family. ha ha ha ha

So that's about it. Hope I didn't bore you to death. I had fun writing this, anyway, so that's what counts.




copyright : 1999, Jashim Uddin, All rights reserved