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Friends Photo Album

All pictures of this page has been provided by  megha, titu, trina , Zennat and Iffat. It is pretty illegal to copy any pic from here without their acknowledgement and permission.


megha.jpg (30048 bytes) t2 new image.JPG (73285 bytes)
Megha: She is from Toronto. A high school student, 17 years old Jolly and friendly girl.
Titu: A Torontonian fellow student. Recently involved in Band music. known as a hip hop and techno boy.

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Zinnat: 16 years old school girl. She lives in New Jersey, USA. She wants to be a doctor in future.

Iffat:  A toronto girl. Good in Art. Studying in computer animation. Very friendly and have extraordinary sense of humour.

trina.bmp (996854 bytes)

Trina: She lives in Virgenia, USA Studying in Bio-chemistry.



I didn't insert here any pictures who is not acquaintance of mine. So please don't mail me with your picture if i don't know u very much.  There is a 10 pictures you guys sumbitted to me that i didn't put here for some reasons. Please don't be mad at me. I will talk to u guys personally later.

Coming soon a lot of pictures in this page.

This page under perpetual construction.

I have a big plan for this page in future. stop by again.

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